Octocber Update

boyA apologizes for not updating the blog recently. boyA has been busy with work and with MASTER’s permission, boyA has halted training until work deadlines are met.

boyA’s journey will continue soon …. by mid November.

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Lesson 6: Internet Social Networking

Scenario: Internet is the best social networking tool for a boy to establish his core community of boys of leather. Internet is also an ideal source to locate his future MASTER/SIR, especially if a boy is located far away from metropolitan areas that are populated by a large LGBT community.

boy A’s perspective: boy A has his share of lurking in the internet seeking, exploring, playing, and learning using the various popular social networking sites in the internet. Internet sites provide a facet of safety when communicating with other “potential mates” where both parties, most of the time, tend to provide inaccurate personal information in order to deceive the other to obtain personal needs/desires, i.e. sexual favors. boy A always have a policy to reveal the truth in order to establish a trust in the communication process. However, boy A does not find his sincere gesture faithfully repaid in return. A journey of disappointment is definite but the decision to represent oneself truthfully is vital as it highlights the primary trait of any fruitful relationship — ability to speak the truth.

Lesson 6 objective: To represent one self truthfully in the cyber space
A boy must be aware of what he lists in his profile if he sincerely want to attract the attention of any potential MASTER/SIR. boy A just recently beginning to observe certain sub’s social networking profiles to be too self-centered, self-served contrary the sub should focus on the sub’s abilities in servitude to his potential MASTER/SIR. The boy in servitude should present a good first impression to attract his potential MASTER/SIR’s attention. A sub’s profile that basically sound like “I want”, “I need”, “You will have to provide”, etc…. is just in poor taste and reflects a level of immaturity of the sub/boy-in-question.

boy A’s conclusion: The boy should provide accurate representation of self, especially in photography. Photos MUST be recent within a few months or weeks. Be reasonable. The boy-in-question is in essence auditioning for a part, and as the auditionee, the “head shot” MUST be accurate in representation. If the boy-in-question could not even perform this first important task truthfully, then the misrepresentation is just a bad foul — bad first impression. boy A do believe both parties should have the rights to remain discrete hence face photos will only be revealed upon request or when situation dictates the revelation. boy A found that most internet social networking was most fruitful when both parties are speaking from the heart — the truth. boy A also realized that not all communication and social networking will result in absolute perfect results. A boy must go through many “auditions” to find the right MASTER/SIR. This also apply to MASTER/SIR that is looking for HIS boy/sub/slave. Hence, boy A do not beat around the bushes anymore when come to internet social networking. boy A will be sincere and truthful. If the potential MASTER/SIR don’t find boy A’s answers appealing, then both can stop the communication with an amicable feeling.

MASTER TAWSE commented to boy A that “a sub that serves only himself serves no one that deserve service.” MASTER’s statement simply sums up the role of a boy. In servitude, the boy MUST place above and beyond to his MASTER/SIR first before self. A boy who perform his role well, WILL be treasured by his MASTER/SIR and in return will be respected.

boy A felt particularly proud when MASTER TAWSE indirectly implied this statement directly to boy A which HE said, “every MASTER can find a hole to fuck. A boy with a mind and a value is a treasure.” boy A chose to include this statement here because when a boy-in-question or the sub is trying to establish “first contact” with his MASTER/SIR, he first and foremost MUST truthfully represent his servitude in his profile while NOT listing demands that he needed to be satisfied and served. All boy-in-question/sub — read up — serve your MASTER/SIR and you shall be rewarded and cherished, hence your “list of demands” will most likely be met!

boy A recently have made a few respected collared boys on a social networking site. boy A found that all of the collared brothers are articulate, smart, and thoughtful. And most of all, they SERVE their respective MASTER/SIR with pride and joy. The act of servitude to his MASTER/SIR is the common thread that bind all boys of leather together as brothers of servitude. boy A is proud to be of acquaintance with them. And one day, boy A will join the ranks of all the collared brothers.

Last word of advise — be truthful. First impression is important. Early rejection due to incompatibility is a healthier outcome compared to a relationship based on inaccuracies and half-truths that eventually will lead to a slow painful unhealthy toxic experience.

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boy A

Mid-Month Review

Today boy A resumed his daily lessons with MASTER TAWSE after MASTER’s return from INFERNO XL. boy A was happy to be able to have his daily interaction with MASTER and continue his lessons.

boy A gave a run down of what boy A has done during MASTER’s absence. The blog now have 2 subscribers and has modest hits. boy A was actually nervous about the blog content and whether boy A carried out MASTER’s order correctly. boy A was ready to receive feedback  from his MASTER.

boy A was informed by MASTER that boy A’s INFERNO video was well-received from MASTER’s SIRs. This was an encouraging news to boy A. boy A made MASTER proud and most importantly represented MASTER with pride. MASTER did share a hint with boy A about the next lesson content. The hint indicates a huge daunting task is ahead of boy A. The hint was 250 men. boy A was given a new instruction for one of the ongoing task — boy A now has to compile a series of videos of boy collecting 12 ejaculates until MASTER’s arrival in five weeks. boy A is on his fifth since he order was given by MASTER.

MASTER started reading the blog today. MASTER was overall pleased with the content and formatting. However, MASTER ordered boy A to make some minor typographical error corrections. MASTER reminded boy A that “your blog reflects on you, and it reflects upon me. There will be no sloppy correctable errors.” With that statement, boy A worked diligently with his MASTER to make some edits. For those avid blog follower, the 2 of you, you will find changes from Lesson 1 to Lesson 3. More changes will be made in due course. boy A has included a new sub-section at the end of the blog entry as instructed by MASTER. The new sub-section is titled as MASTER TAWSE’S COMMENTS. The new addition further serves the objective of this blog which is to teach, as MASTER put’s it succinctly, “clarifications and corrections also serve to instruct.”

MASTER TAWSE was “VERY impressed” by boy A’s performance till date. MASTER’s feedback was particularly important to boy A as they allow boy A to mature into the role of a leatherboy. Today’s communication process also shows the importance of COLLABORATION in a dominant/submissive relationship. A good collaborative process is always a good indicator of good communication process and in the long run will strengthen the bond between MASTER and his boy.

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boy A

Lesson 5: Trust

Scenario: A boy must have absolute TRUST with his MASTER. Without this key component, the bonding of the two parties will be halted. The boy might as well quit the training or relationship and ultimately give up the goal of receiving a collar. With TRUST, then all other qualities and characteristics of the boy will unite as one creating a strong leatherboy of character and integrity.

boy A’s perspective: Relinquishing all of the self-control completely and trust a another man is a major issue to many of us, including boy A. boy A must put a leap of faith and trust to MASTER during the act of servitude. boy A always trust that his MASTER will be mindful and will never ever put his boy in harm’s way. Limits will be tested and the level of difficulty will be administered accordingly to how boy react to the moment or task. boy A is always in amazement on his personal mental toughness and his eagerness to serve and please his MASTER. boy A also made several discoveries about himself during the state of total surrender in servitude for the pleasures of his MASTER. At the end, boy A always achieve mini cathartic moments — a great feeling and achievement. A most relaxed state of mind in most instances but in some case, tortured horror of unbearable pain! The ecstasy of blissfulness and the burning hellfire of pain is a common yin and yang of outcome this simple thing called, TRUST.

Lesson 5 objective: To trust MASTER completely
A boy must remember in this relationship, the boy have to put all his trust on the hands of his MASTER. A boy should be able to make an educated character judgement of his MASTER, and vice-versa his MASTER to him. The training or relationship will not move forward if there was any trust issues. As stated on previous lesson entries, TRUST is the key to the whole process. It strengthens the bond and also builds stronger personal character.

boy A’s conclusion: …. during this short training process thus far, MASTER and as well as SIR have put boy A in many compromising situations to test boy’s level of trust and commitments. In most cases, boy A flourished and once awhile a break in boy’s concentration — undisciplined mind disrupted total trust — resulting in protocol violations. All in all, a learning process and with both MASTER and SIR’s assessment, boy achieved promising results and scored well above the typical learning curve. boy A must constantly remind himself to trust his MASTER. boy A must remove all fear of pain mentally when a difficult order is summoned upon boy. Mental toughness is crucial to maintain a strong trust while in servitude. boy A has served MASTER in various forms of body restraining, caning, flogging, paddling, nipple torture, and other submissive situations in a months of training. boy A also discovered his mental toughness and pain thresholds. The willingness to receive MASTER’s orders/pleasures is solely control by his mind. Mind over matter. boy A is always amazed on how his mind corporates with the fear at hand — the willingness to receive pain without any movement, protest, or twitch. This act of the mental, physical, and spiritual elements working as one in the name of TRUST. boy A always reminds himself MASTER and SIR will be there to hold and protect boy from harm. On another level, the willingness to follow orders was solely boy’s character mechanism to not dishonor and disrespect MASTER. It all boils down to TRUST.

boy A have been put through several orders since the beginning of the training last month. boy A was ordered to write a report of boys of leather. boy A received lessons via webcam watched by MASTER’s invited friends. boy A was ordered to only cum 12 times from September until end of October by MASTER. MASTER instructed boy A to store every drop of cum in a zip lock bag to be frozen and present the bag to MASTER when summoned upon. boy A’s hole has been marked by MASTER and SIR — property of MASTER and SIR. boy A was ordered to make a video for MASTER for his trip to INFERNO XL this past weekend. And lastly, boy A is to record his training by creating a blog as a training tool/resources for other uncollared boys.

MASTER TAWSE has placed a tremendous amount of trust on boy A to perform well in all of his orders, especially the training blog. boy A did voiced is concern about his abilities to carry out this daunting order and is most apprehensive in dishonoring MASTER by performing poorly. MASTER TAWSE in replying to boy’s concerns by saying,”..its a simple chain of command. MASTER will manage the pressure placed upon boy. The only pressure that a boy have to worry about in this endeavor is from me….. boy shall held accountable for all tasks ordered by MASTER. Same applies to all that are under MASTER’s control, no matter what their level to you.”

And here we are, Lesson 5, and boy A is still working on this blog as ordered by MASTER TAWSE. boy A must place a disclaimer here in that the blog content will be constantly revised upon MASTER’s request and pleasure. Therefore, please check back once in a while. New blog entries will be uploaded as boy A’s training progresses. Please come check back the site for more lessons. boy A is excited about his journey and education, and boy A hope that his uncollared readers are as excited to follow his journey and build your own as well.

[NOTE: Both MASTER and SIR has granted boy A permission the freedom to solicit outside sexual endeavors if he chooses to do so. However, boy A MUST remember that boy A MUST serve MASTER and SIR(first priority) when boy A’s services are summoned. MASTER has the right to terminate his permission without advance  notice.]

[NOTE: boy A have no authority in sharing any of his ordered tasks. If any of my readers want to review the completed assignments, you MUST personally contact MASTER TAWSE and ask for his permission. Only MASTER TAWSE can share his property freely to anyone he sees fit. You can reach MASTER TAWSE by clicking on this hyperlink.]

[NOTE: boy A had previous encounters with other SIRs but not with the level of TRUST displayed here with MASTER TAWSE and SIR. Nonetheless, those bonding relationship ended up badly. boy A used to feel like a cheap piece of trash meat after in servitude with those “other” SIRs. boy A did pay a huge price from those unhealthy relationships. Valuable lessons attained but costly. boy A, in some moments, will have mental concentration breakdown due to past history. boy A is now working on mental rehabilitation. MASTER TAWSE has been helpful in this process of self recovery and discovery.]

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boy A


Lesson 4: Role & Motivation

Scenario: In our normal society, we are all expected to conform to a series of acceptable behaviors and must play our parts as nurtured and ingrained into us since we were children. Here, in the context of leather boy culture, a boy MUST adhere to a series of acceptable behaviors in order to play his part as a leather boy. In other words, understand your role and motivation.

boy A’s perspective: boy A was not at all aware of the world of leather boy and the sub-culture context. boy A stumbled upon the leather community as a means to personally educate himself in subculture of bdsm and other kink communities. boy A was groomed to be the perfect bottom almost all of his adult life. However the need to Top and the need for other bondage fulfillment led boy A into the current situation. In the early phase of education, MASTER assigned a homework for boy — boy A was to write a report on the boys of leather. This was proven a valuable assignment. boy A came to find a wealth of new information, and boy began to understand the role of a leather boy and his MASTER.

boy A was slowly introduced to the role of boys of leather from his MASTER. Please refer to Leather Identity Project for a most interesting study on what is a boy. A boy is commonly referred as youthful in heart, playful, sexual, slave like, and service oriented. All these terms do in many ways represent what a boy is but in reality it is more than the perceived terms above.

Lesson 4 objective: To understand the role of a boy and his motivations to serve his MASTER
A boy has a very simple role here. A boy is to serve his MASTER to his pleasure and to his wishes. In other words, a boy is a piece of meat! Or is it? MASTER TAWSE posted a question to boy A about the differences between a collared boy and an uncollared boy. Both types of boys have the basic motivation but as a whole a collared boy is vastly different from the uncollared one. MASTER TAWSE, as he explained, puts it bluntly and simply that uncollared boy may be used by anyone from truckers to homeless person to virtually anyone in the streets as a piece of cheap meat. The uncollared boy earns no respect from other boys, or from Tops and MASTERS. On the other hand, a collared boy is RESPECTED by the leather community. A collared boy is an extension to his MASTER and the collared boy’s services are granted solely by his MASTER. A collared boy=Treated with respect; a uncollared boy=To be abused. Now, the boy-in-question’s objective here is clear — is to be granted a collar by his MASTER. This is easier said than done. The process of this motivation is a long one. Not all training process ends with a granting of a collar. We don’t live in a fantasy world. A collar is to be earned.

boy A’s conclusion: boy A has concluded that a boy should possess the following qualities to be successful in serving his MASTER and becoming a good candidate for a collar. The listed qualities are entirely derived from my short time spent with MASTER and SIR, and through some readings from available resources. A boy SHOULD possess: RELIABLE, RESPECTFUL, COMMUNICATIVE, SMART, HONEST, PUNCTUAL, RESOURCEFUL, DEDICATED, ENTHUSIASTIC, PASSIONATE, and TRUSTWORTHY. A boy MUST establish a strong bond with his MASTER by the simple act of TRUST. A MASTER always has the burden and his duty to protect his boy from harmful acts. TRUST is the primary key to a successful bonding relationship and servitude by a boy to his MASTER.

MASTER TAWSE with his succinct words defined a boy’s role and motivation as “…. to provide oral service. A boy is fucked as the SIRS in the family wishes. A boy is sexual and his sexuality is to be shared and given at will….” MASTER continues by stating that “every detail of a boy’s routine is subject to inspection by a SIR or a MASTER. What you wear(underwear or not), when you shoot, when you pee, what you eat, and sex is to please SIR…”

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boy A



ADDENDUM 1, Sept. 29, 2011
Today, boy A had a meaningful conversation with MASTER about this topic. MASTER reinforced the mantra that the MASTER and boy relationship is “built upon TRUST, not on cum”. TRUST is paramount to maintain a healthy relationship and as well as allowing the relationship to be fruitful. The following is the ranking of important traits in the role and motivation of a boy’s servitude to his MASTER.

Lesson 3: Attire

Scenario: A proper attire worn to a specific event is crucial in our conventional societal norm. In the leather community, the leather brotherhood uphold and understand specific types of adornment and attire to show community status, role, or simply exercising personal expression of gear fetish needs. The boy-in-question- should halt the training process if the boy is seeking this relationship with his MASTER to solely fulfill personal needs for gear fantasies. A boy should own the basic boy of leather attire as dictated by the leather community.

boy A’s Perspective: To be perfectly honest, boy A has a tremendous interests in gear fetishes. boy A’s primary fetish is underwear and everything in-between from neoprene to rubber to leather. Leather is actually the least prominent of all gear fetishes available in the fetish kink world. Therefore, boy A was not attracted to the boys of leather lifestyle because of the appeals of leather goods. This point will be elaborated in the next lesson entry. Pre-training, boy A personally owned a  leather chest harness, several leather boots, a jockstrap, and a codpiece jockstrap. boy A sold the codpiece jockstrap due to improper fit and the leather jockstrap was not of  good leather quality. During the training process, boy A inquired about the attire protocols of a boy of leather. MASTER TAWSE educated boy on the proper garments a boy should be wearing and presenting during outside events, i.e. bars, charity events, social gatherings. Each boy should own the following basic attire pieces: a leather bar vest(form-fitting), regular jockstrap(color will be determined by MASTER), jeans, leather chaps(if a boy can afford one), white undershirt, and a pair of leather boots.

Lesson 3 Objective: To gain proper boy of leather attire and dress code protocol from his MASTER
MASTER has instructed boy A to wear the color yellow. boy A was informed that it is boy’s color and will be wearing it proudly in which boy is today. boy A now owns a leather bar vest and soon a pair of leather chaps and a Mr.B’s power jockstrap. These items were not required immediately but boy A will be getting them before end of November. boy A will not want to misrepresent MASTER TAWSE and dishonor MASTER’s name and reputation.

The boy-in-question must understand that each MASTER has His unique philosophy on what, where, and how a boy dresses. The boy MUST communicate with his MASTER and follow the agreed protocols. Any other leather adornments will be provided by his MASTER when the boy achieves training milestones or simply a reward from his MASTER. The boy must be aware that the boy MUST represent his community and MASTER with HONOR when he is adorned in his boy attire. Any misrepresentation and dishonoring his MASTER, that is considered a protocol violation — and the boy-in-question will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately by his MASTER.

boy A’s conclusion: MASTER TAWSE has yet to set a detailed dress code for boy A since the training is set from cities apart. MASTER will provide more attire protocols soon when MASTER visits boy A’s home city. However, boy A’s SIR, which trains part-time, has a less stringent attire protocols. SIR recognizes boy’s underwear fetish in which SIR from time to time assigned certain tasks that have some relationship to boy’s fetish as a reward. boy A is happy to been able to trained under his MASTER and SIR — this is just a good sign ahead of the training session.

[NOTE: A boy should understand that in a private setting, MASTER will take away everything that a boy can be materialistically identify as himself. Every article of clothing from head to toe will be removed. The taking of personal property is an act of dominance and ownership by his MASTER, hence, a boy’s submission is an act of respect, dedication, and enthusiasm in servitude.]

[NOTE: All articles of clothing MUST be folded neatly when the boy is ordered to disrobe. Discarded articles of clothing on the floor will be a protocol violation. The boy is in his MASTER’s domain — hence, the boy MUST show respect at all time.]

in servitude
boy A

“You have followed instructions well. Lesson 3 was on attire — it is the hallmark of leathermen that they dress the part.  You should understand this IMPLICITLY.  It transcends costume and prop —
a boy without his bar best and jock and boots should fill the chill of being naked. A boy wearing only those three items should feel fully clothed.”

Lesson 2: Protocols

Scenario: A boy has gained an initial trust from his MASTER from Lesson 1. Once the boy-in-question provided sufficient personal background and honesty, the MASTER will proceed in sharing His protocols of communication and expectations of rendering services to MASTER.

boy A’s Perspective: boy A was beforehand trained by his SIR. SIR has provided many of the basic behavioral protocols once boy A enters SIR’s environment. boy A must in all times stand in attention, legs spread apart, hands behind his back, stationary and/or lie face down with legs spread apart and hands behind head until an order is given by SIR. boy A will always be stripped away from his material possessions once SIR is satisfied with the initial protocol. boy A will always be body searched, cavity search, anal check. boy A will be restrained once SIR is satisfied with boy A’s hygiene. A failed inspection will result as a protocol violation, hence boy will receive a just punishment. boy A will not be allowed to speak until boy is addressed by SIR. A simple YES SIR or NO SIR or THANK YOU SIR are typical answers accepted by SIR. Permission must be granted by SIR for boy to clarify ordered tasks or to be granted permission to speak freely. When ankle or leg restraint is administered by SIR, boy’s hand must be placed behind his back. When a waist or upper body restraint is being administered, boy’s hands must always be behind back of his head. LEGS ARE ALWAYS SPREAD WIDELY APART AT ALL TIMES. When boy is in kneeling position, boy’s hand must always be placed behind back of his head. Those are all protocols instilled by boy A’s SIR. Every protocol infractions will result in a just punishment — caning, or flogging, or paddling — all to SIR’s pleasure. boy A IS NOT ALLOWED TO MOVE AT ANY TIMES WITHOUT SIR’S ORDERS OR PERMISSION. Each MASTER/SIR will have HIS unique protocols to follow but all in all most protocols are similar and followed by all. MASTER TAWSE has observed boy A via webcam thus far and boy A has successfully execute SIR’s protocol close to perfection. This is the consequences of a minor protocol violation.

[Photo: 2 strokes of caning across the chest for violating moving protocol during a kneeling command]

Lesson 2 Objective: To understand and follow MASTER’s established protocols without failure
A boy MUST exhibit that he can illustrate a committed servitude to his MASTER by the simple task of showing RESPECT and RELIABILITY on following protocols established by his MASTER. An undisciplined uncollared boy WILL endure plenty of protocol punishments in order to remind the boy of his tardiness for dishonoring his MASTER. The severity of the punishment will be administered by the pleasures of his MASTER depending on the level of boy’s education level. An undisciplined boy WILL tarnish his MASTER’s reputation and dishonor his family. The boy-in-question WILL have to learn and apply all the protocols diligently in order to proceed to the next lesson.  The boy-in-question must remember that each time you force your MASTER to resort to punishment will mostly likely inflict more pain to your MASTER than your physical inflicted pain. Again, as a boy — you serve with full respect and to the pleasure of your MASTER.

boy A’s conclusion: MASTER TAWSE is a great communicator. MASTER clearly articulates His orders in simple commands. MASTER always apply repetition to his orders to ensure boy is clear about the assigned tasks and objectives of the tasks. MASTER is firm in all His punishments whenever boy A mishandled protocols. There is always a valuable nugget of knowledge/lesson in every moment spent with MASTER. Following proper protocol projects boy’s RESPECT and RELIABILITY to his MASTER. Following proper protocol also shows boy’s abilities in communication skills and indirectly links boy as a boy with passion and enthusiasm. boy A found that when he is passionate and enthusiastic in serving his MASTER, boy A will be rewarded with his sincere servitude to his pleasure of his MASTER. Seeking sex is not the ultimate reward! The best reward from MASTER is when MASTER shares His affections with boy, shows mutual respect, and knowing boy is safe and protected by MASTER at all times.

[NOTE: When a boy communicate with his MASTER or SIR via electronically media, the boy MUST always capitalized MASTER and SIR in the text. “boy” will always in small caps. The means and manner of electronically text communication is similar to verbal manner — Yes, MASTER or No, MASTER, etc.]

[NOTE: Please visit this link for an interesting study of the definition of boys of leather provided by DC Boys of Leather from their recent Leather Identity Project.]

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boy A

“Nicely written.”